BOBOU is a British-Italian beauty brand formed in 2020 by Crine Insalata and Jamie Johns, makeup and design obsessives with an eye for excellence. 

They were consumed with two questions which lacked an adequate answer. Why are makeup brushes often overlooked as an essential part of a healthy skincare routine?

Must the pursuit of style, elegance and simplicity be so hard to find within a makeup brush?

They weren’t so sure that it should. And so BOBOU was born.


At BOBOU, our mission is to infuse beauty into all we do. We believe that to see beauty is to feel beautiful. And to feel beautiful is to be beautiful.

Each of our brushes is a statement of intent, designed to give you the confidence to show the world that inner mojo we know you’ve got.

Every great painter needs their perfect tool for joyful, uninhibited self-expression. Our brushes are created with the same philosophy - where some might see a human face, at BOBOU we see a canvas, blank and free, ready to be harnessed, exploited and suffused with individuality.

We bring you the beautiful brush. You bring out your beautiful self.


The technology of our brushes has been fine-tuned to ensure that none of the achievements of your healthy skin routine are undone or reversed. We see no reason why brushes should be overlooked as an part of healthy skincare.

BOBOU adopts a holistic approach to healthy skin. We see our products as playing a vital role in your dermatological ecosystem - which is why we’ve made sure that they’re approved by dermatologists as being hypoallergenic and suited to sensitive skin.

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