THE ULTIMATE MAKE UP BRUSH GUIDE: The top 5 brushes you should have in your makeup bag.


“The best makeup look you can serve is the one that makes you feel the most empowered!”

When it comes to makeup; the best way to ensure a smooth and even application to your face is to use top quality makeup brushes. Whether you apply makeup daily, occasionally or rarely; having resilient and versatile brushes can offer the best application time and time again.

That is why it is always worth investing in quality brushes that have been made with top-notch quality bristles and technology to ensure that the application and blending of your makeup are always precise and polished. Furthermore, high quality brushes can also retain their shape over a longer period- even after continued or heavy use.

No more frailing or collapsed brush-heads

All of our BOBOU makeup brushes are handmade using a traditional, Italian brush making technique that can ensure our brushes will be silky soft to the touch, traction resistant and of course, built to last.

Even the bristles themselves are a thing of magic

Every brush-head is made with our unique DERMAFIBRE™ technology that is both hypoallergenic and dermatologically tested. This ensures that all the BOBOU brushes are suitable for all skin types including sensitive skin. Furthermore, you can rest assured that there will be no fibre shedding from BOBOU brushes.

BOBOU brushes are suitable for personal and professional use as they can offer the versatility needed for continued use without the worry of bristle fall-out affecting your makeup.

Now, if you are new to the BOBOU Brush family, then we have the perfect guide for you!

We have put together our essentials makeup brush guide to help you create the ultimate BOBOU makeup brush collection to suit your makeup preferences.


The BOBOU BEAUTY Makeup Brush Guide

When it comes to applying your foundation we have two different brushes in our collection; we have a Kabuki Foundation Brush and a full-coverage Blending Sponge.


If you prefer a traditional foundation application the BOBOU flat surface Kabuki brush will help evenly distribute your foundation to ensure you have an even base; without causing any streaking or product pulling. A foundation brush is recommended if you prefer light coverage as you can guide the brush with maximum control over the product.


Whereas a blending sponge pats the foundation onto the skin in one small area at a time; which is a great method to help with building up more coverage and blending.


You can achieve your ideal foundation application using either the BOBOU Kabuki Brush or Blending sponge. The Kabuki Brush offers you more control of your foundation, whereas a blending sponge can help distribute product around the nose and eye area much easier.

FACE: Concealer

After, or instead of applying foundation we move onto concealer. The main areas we apply concealer is under the eyes, nose bridge, and chin. Therefore a suitable brush will need to be much smaller than a foundation brush to ensure the product can be worked into the contours of the face correctly.

 The BOBOU Concealer Brush can offer a flawless finish when it comes to blending out your concealer to help conceal blemishes, redness or brightening tried-looking under eyes.

The rounded brush edge allows you to get up close to the corners of your eyes, the tip of the nose and around the mouth whether you are using a liquid or cream-based concealer. It will easily help blend out your makeup for a more natural finish.   

FACE: Powder

If you are a fan of your powder makeup then we have the perfect brush that can be used to apply everything from blush, bronzer and even highlighter!

The BOBOU Blush Brush is packed with synthetic fibres that help to sweep the perfect amount of product at a time to ensure the application is even and not cakey. This brush can be used to help add some colour to your cheeks, contour your cheeks with bronzer or apply your favourite highlighter above the cheekbones.


You can use our powder brush for so many different product applications; powder contour, setting powder after concealer or even apply a light pressed powder.

We have ensured that all of the makeup brushes in our entire BOBOU Collection are resilient enough to be washed often to ensure you keep your brushes clean for flawless makeup.

Now, we move onto the eyes!

EYES: Eyebrows

 If you are a fan of the popular soapy brows look or prefer a more traditional brow shape then we have the perfect angled brush to suit all eyebrow makeup allocations!

The Angled BOBOU Brush can help you apply makeup to your brows to mimic hairs and fill in any gaps that you may have. Furthermore, our angled eye brush can also help you achieve the perfect soapy brow look by helping you brush up your brow hairs into your preferred shape.

An absolute must for eyebrow makeup; an angled brush that can help with filling in and shaping eyebrows in one!

EYES: Eyeshadow and Liner

 Once you have finished applying all of your face makeup and your eyebrows are shaped, that means it’s time for a detail brush

Now, whether you prefer a subtle eyeshadow look or a full statement eye; the BOBOU eye precision brush will have you covered with everything from eyeshadow application to detail work. The flat edge also offers clean-cut precision when used along the lash line to help create the ultimate winged eyeliner look.

The BOBOU Precision Eye Brush offers you total control to achieve a sleek eyeliner look or to help with intricate eyeshadow detail. Furthermore, this brush can be used with both powder or liquid-based liners and shadows.

At BOBOU BEAUTY we offer an incredible range of single brushes for you to top up your existing brush collection with; we have even created our very own ultimate brush kit that boasts top-quality BOBOU Brush technology with every single application!

Be sure to check out our entire BOBOU Makeup Brush range today



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